You Asked for 'em...!*
These Fabu Wallpaper Styles Now Availble By Popular Demand ~ !
"YoYo Island ~ Day"
"YoYo Island ~ Twilight"
"YoYo Undersea ~ Day"
"YoYo Undersea ~ Night"
"Tee'nii H'ai ~ Twilight"
"Lilava's Pool ~ Night"
"Shelly's Dive ~ Night"
"The Lost Bouys"
( Please choose from the selection above )
Yes, take home some o' this yar YoYo Island Wallpaper, an' you can put yer fabu
Living-Lava Tiki Icons right where they live, as you find 'em...! Collect Each One...!
( an' show 'em off to all yer friends in the Psych Ward...! )
( * Here ya' go, Ellis! )