Ye've come at YoYo Day, when the island is fully-risen from the sea,
an' like as not ol' "Bo'sun Blighter" (aka, "Trader Lyman") may be combin' the jungles below,
searchin' for "the very Lost City of Fabulabula"...
Blighter's boat,"The Longshot" can't reach Tee'nii H'ai until she's afloat at YoYo Night
( this 'ere island sinks, y' know... ), so ye'll have'ta come back then,
or find another way across come YoYo Twilight...
'Tis a fair easy trek around to Starnib Spire this time o'day,
as Mt. Kabumi won't be eruptin' again until Twilight. An' there's a steep path
down to either Gunpowder Grotto or Hoppin' Wadi, if ye've amind t' venture
for an adventure into the thick o' the island's jungles...!
Blighter's "Port Skyward Tradin' Post" is open, so why not come on in fer a look'see while yer here? ( An' help yerself to a hold-ful o' yar Swag...! )
~ Aft ~   ~ For'ard ~
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