If you're following Bo'sun Blighter on his quest for the treasure of
the Very Lost City of Fabulabula ~
~ look around for
a Secret Passage ~
~ and dare to discover
the Fabulabu's vanished empire...
It's okay to swim in, but don't drink the water ( at least not until day's end ) !
The lake fills with seawater when YoYo Island sinks at Evening Twilight, then changes from salty back again to fresh throughout each following day, as the seawater is flushed out by Kabumidew Falls...
In the green distance, mighty Mt. Kabumi shelters a fantastic secret...
Who were the fabled "Fabulabu"? And what is the meaning of their strange hieroglyphs?
How could any civilization exist on an island ~
~ that sinks every night and rises every day?
The mystery beconed to the ill-fated Lostagan Expedition; the whole party vanished into legend while searching for the bygone people who once inhabited YoYo Island. The mystery beconed, and they followed...
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Original sm Internet Entertainments Created & Produced by Johnny Curtis
"YOYO ISLAND " is an online interactive saterical entertainment based on
original scenarios and characters by Johnny Curtis / Curtis Amusements.
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