You have discovered the Secret Passage to the legendarily Lost City of Fabulabula...
Proceed, Fearless One, on your Adventurous Quest...!
Hidden inside a vast sheltering "air pocket" in the inner depths of YoYo Island's great Cauldron Cavern, deep inside Mt. Kabumi ~ the really, really Lost City of Fabulabula ~
~ holds the final secret of the vanished Fabulabu... Are there hidden passages in the great cavern leading to other island locales? Only Moo'lah is known to know...
And is the Treasure of the ancient sunken galleon 'La Virago' lying around for the taking ~
~ somewhere in the great abandoned city's secret coffers...?
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TREMBLE, ADVENTURE-SEEKERS...!, before the fallen glory of the Very-Lost-City of fabled ~
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Yar Booty or scurvy Swag?
You decide, Matey...!
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Original sm Internet Entertainments Created & Produced by Johnny Curtis
"YOYO ISLAND " is an online interactive saterical entertainment based on
original scenarios and characters by Johnny Curtis / Curtis Amusements.
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