Rising and sinking like a great coral piston ~ YOYO Island is rhythmically buoyed by a pulsing well of molten lava beneath the seabed!
When the lava pressure beneath the island builds,
it raises the vast coral pillar up from the sea, the volcano, Mount Kabumi, roaring to life just past midnight, pushing the island up through the morning twilight to its full height by mid-day.
As the lava's heat and compression begin to diminish, YoYo Island starts to sink back into the ocean depths, mighty Mt. Kabumi this time releasing pressure in a firey fountain throughout the evening twilight...
Sunk to the rim of its turbulent volcano by midnight, and fully risen again by noon,
is YOYO Island as safe and predictable as 'Old Faithful' ~
Ancient legends among the "Fabulabu" (the mysterious lost civilization that once inhabited YOYO Island), say it's very Good Luck to seek the Timeless Wisdom of one (or more) of YOYO Island's "Living-Lava" Tikis...!
What mysterious Trans-Temporal Power manifests in YoYo Island's Mystic Moai...? You will know, Adventure Seeker, only after you FIND them...
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Original sm Internet Entertainments Created & Produced by Johnny Curtis
"YOYO ISLAND " is an online interactive saterical entertainment based on
original scenarios and characters by Johnny Curtis / Curtis Amusements.
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