Far away in the distant Microbbesian Sea's torrid tropical waters, at the pendular end of a long, fine strand of coral reefs collectively called the Microhiti String ~ lies YoYo Island, or most of it, er, sometimes…
YoYo Island's location was long lost very soon after its discovery by astonished pirates some 400 years ago, since the island snagged their ship's anchor and dragged it down beneath the sea with it on it's routine twilight plunge!
The surviving crew's bizarre reports of the island's strange flora and fauna, underscored by their unanimous view that any place which sinks on a daily basis would not excatly be the best location to establish a buccaneers' base, has kept the island largely unknown by most mariners, even until this very day…
And at many locations around this beyond-lost location ~
await Your visit…
Ancient legends among the "Fabulabu" (the mysterious lost civilization that once inhabited YOYO Island), say it's very Good Luck to seek the Timeless Wisdom of one (or more) of YOYO Island's "Living-Lava" Tikis...!
Explore the island for these multiple mysterious moai and they'll manifest their
for YOU...!
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Dive In...!
Yar Booty or scurvy Swag?
You decide, Matey...!
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Original sm Internet Entertainments Created & Produced by Johnny Curtis
"YOYO ISLAND " is an online interactive saterical entertainment based on
original scenarios and characters by Johnny Curtis / Curtis Amusements.
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