Yes, above and below the ocean surface, YO-YO Island teems with a profusion of strange and exotic wildlife unique in all the world!
Wildlife on YOYO Island has adapted to the island's punctual rise and fall above and below sea level.
Here, stands of "Kelpalms"wave in the breeze (or waft in the current, depending on the time of day). Here mischievous "Clownkeys" hide in the Anenome Trees; here "Crabapples" really have pincers, and colorful "Nudiguanas" cavort in the twilight tide, right up to the very rumbling rim of great Mt. Kabumi, the island's vast volcano's volatile rimů
And, all across the big island dwell ~
Will the Mysterious Manna that motivates these Mystical Menehunes manifest its magic for You...?
...the mysteriously alluring tropical sprite known by the adoring Moo'lah (last of the lost Fabulabu tribe), as ~
"Ono'hikki Nui"
~ or ~
Come visit Lilava's Private Pool for 2 "Special Reviews", at YoYo Twilight and YoYo Night...!
The barely-elusive YakkiBird can be spotted in Sargasso Swamp on
~ Mornings and Evenings, on the way to Lo'Sun Lagoon...
(Is "Soupy-the-SeaTurtle" in the Bo'sun's stilt-house-stew at last?)
half ashore (and half awash)
Bo'sun Lyman Blighter
remains blithely shipwrecked on an island he knows is brimming with gold ~ if he can find the elusive Moo'lah, and fathom the secrets of the forgotton Fabulabu...
Will Moo'lah reveal
the location of
'The Lost City of Fabulabula'
Is there a fortune waiting to be found on YoYo Island?
And some have wondered --how do you plunder an island that's mostly underwater for half a day at a time...?
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Indexed for "Exoti-Cadets" -
Dive In...!
Yar Booty or scurvy Swag?
You decide, Matey...!
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if Ye've a mind to...
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Original sm Internet Entertainments Created & Produced by Johnny Curtis
"YOYO ISLAND " is an online interactive saterical entertainment based on
original scenarios and characters by Johnny Curtis / Curtis Amusements.
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